Mattingly Charities Celebrate Season Opener for Inaugural Mattingly RBI in Evansville

April 4th, 2016  Chelsea Koerbler   | 44 News

April 4th, 2016 Chelsea Koerbler  | 44 News

While baseball teams all across the country are holding their opening days, so is Mattingly RBI in Evansville.

Mattingly Charities partnered with the MLB to establish a ‘reviving baseball in inner cities’ program. The program is a direct result of the money raised by the ‘Intimate Evening with Friends’ held by Mattingly Charities at USI last December.

About 250 kids from 5-14 years old will participate in the inaugural season of Mattingly RBI in Evansville. Ahead of the games played today, Mayor Winnecke threw out the first pitch.

“It’s so rewarding, when you think about all the work you put into it and you see the faces of these kids,” said Ray Schulte, Don Mattingly’s agent. “When they’re getting their equipment when they’re getting their uniforms, it’s so refreshing and it’s so humbling.”

Don Mattingly wasn’t able to make it to the event, he’s busy preparing for the Miami Marlins season opener.

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