“An Intimate Evening with Friends” Kicks off Mattingly Charities to Serve Underprivileged Youth

December 3rd, 2015  JoJo Gentry   | 44 News

December 3rd, 2015 JoJo Gentry  | 44 News

Major League All-Stars, country music singer Toby Keith, and Tri-state locals came together for an “Intimate Evening with Friends” at the University of Southern Indiana to kick off Don Mattingly’s first fundraiser for his new charity, which plans to serve underprivileged youth.

“We feel like baseball is the avenue that can open up the door for these kids,” Mattingly said.

Miami Marlins manager and Evansville native Don Mattingly founded Mattingly Charities, a non-profit that promotes baseball and softball participation, and provides sports services and equipment to youth who don’t typically see money allocated to their athletic interests.

“The people, mentors, and teachers that we’ve come across in our lives…go with us wherever we go,” Mattingly said.

Los Angeles Angels first baseman Albert Pujols flew into Evansville to support Mattingly Charities. The two-time World Series champion appeared on crutches with an injured foot.

“I thought that I wasn’t going to make it because of my injury,” Pujols said. “It’s just one of those things about giving back. I grew up as a young little boy with dreams to become a baseball player. And I thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity.”

From the west coast to the Tri-state, local supporters traveled the shorter distance across the Lloyd Expressway to support Mattingly’s cause.

“For somebody that’s achieved the success that he has achieved to give back to this community the way he does is pretty remarkable,” Ron Romain, President of United Companies, said.

Efforts of giving and supporting toward Mattingly Charities go beyond returning favors.

“Don has been a big supporter of my foundation,” Pujols said. “That’s why I’m here to support him in any way that I can.”

Mattingly hopes, though, that supportive favors that have come his way kick start Mattingly Charities to new heights.

“It’s going to take time,” Mattingly said. “We know we’re in the long haul for this. But, we’re committed to getting it started.”

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