Boys & Girls Club - RBI

Each spring the Boys & Girls Club of Evansville offers a new season of the RBI program, which hosts boys and girls ages 6-15 at four different Evansville locations.

The season kicks off with a Sandlot Day cookout, open to the community, and in addition to regular league play, features activities such as a home run derby, participation in the Pitch, Hit & Run program, and an end of season banquet for the players, coaches and volunteers.

It's a fun, safe, and positive environment where children build self-esteem and are given the opportunity to succeed in the sports of baseball and softball.  They learn the fundamentals of healthy competition and emphasizing teamwork and good sportsmanship.


RBI is a division of Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI), sponsored by Major League Baseball, a national outreach program designed to promote the game of baseball to teenage boys and girls in disadvantaged areas. 

The program's mission:

  • Increase participation and interest in baseball and softball among under-served youth

  • Encourage academic participation and achievement

  • Increase number of talented athletes prepared to play in college and minor leagues

  • Promote greater inclusion of minorities into the mainstream of the game

  • Teach the value of teamwork


RBI Impact

Mattingly Charities provides ongoing support to the Boys & Girls Club of Evansville to administer the RBI program. 

In addition, in 2015 Mattingly Charities donated $25,000 towards field enhancements to Bellemeade Neighborhood Park, which serves as the primary location for the Boys & Girls Club RBI league.




During the 2018 spring season, across 4 Evansville locations, the RBI program hosted 23 baseball and softball teams.




The RBI program hosted 528 participants, ages 6-15, in 2017 (including camps and year-round play), an increase of over 100 from 2016.



Uniforms and Equipment

Through Mattingly Charities and a partnership with the Pitch In For Baseball organization, over 400 uniforms, bats, helmets, and chest protectors have been provided to RBI players.

2017 MLB All-Star Game

In July 2017, Mattingly Charities sponsored a team of 12 boys from the Boys & Girls Club RBI program, along with five coaches, to fly to Miami for Major League Baseball's All-Star Week, competing against other youth from around the nation. 

For most of these kids, it was a week of firsts:  the first time on a plane, the first time in a hotel room, and the first time to meet a celebrity.


Players for Boys & Girls Club RBI are home after a trip of a lifetime in Miami for the Major League Baseball’s All-Star week. The youth players spent time with Evansville native Don Mattingly, Jamie Foxx, and Bryce Harper.

44News sports reporter Nick Ruffolo explains how Mattingly RBI learned from MLB’s role models to become role models themselves.